Claire Forrest, Founder of Imageclairity:  “I came to Laura for some help designing a customized product to gift to my clients with their wedding image proofs, a drive, and a gift. I was sick of seeing the same products on the market and wanted to provide my clients with something that was branded specifically for the experience they would receive, working with me. Each box feels like a work of art that is specific to my company. I couldn't be happier with the attention to detail and how careful Laura was to listen and understand the needs of my business and what I was trying to accomplish in putting together a proof box. They were shockingly affordable, especially compared to other options on the market, and 100% personally customized for my brand and my client! Would  gladly recommend her services to anyone in our industry or outside of it!!"

Robyn Rosenberger, Founder of TinySuperheroes:  "Before I met Laura and started working with POP Marketing, I never even knew that my products needed packaging.  It instantly changed our entire brand appearance, credibility and ability to pursue wholesale clients. Laura's vision and perspective opened so many possibilities for my product and company."

Lynn Weber, CEO of Edelbrand Pure Distilling: "Laura & the POP Marketing team brought its full professional experience to our table to translate a “hunch” - pairing Edelbrand vinars with traditional glassware - into a successful marketing idea.  Their ability to listen to early ideas, probe for underlying details, answer my many questions, and work within the confines of a tight budget and timeline made me realize how lucky we were as a startup to be working with POP.   Laura's personal and sincere commitment to treat Edelbrand Pure Distilling not as a startup but as an established business led to a unique packaging concept that showcases the beautiful label and bottle as well as the glass stemware.  We look forward to partnering with Laura & POP on our new ideas!"

Jeff Evanson, CEO of Mother Earth Pillows: "We’ve had a great experience working with Laura and Kokie at POP Marketing!  POP helped us move from poorly conceived plastic wrap packaging to a more earth-friendly cardboard/paperboard solution that aligns better with our Core Values.  Laura does a great job of listening to our needs and helping us find solutions.  Kokie has a vast background in the packaging space, and he has helped us find economical solutions.  Our customers LOVE our new packaging.  Our products definitely POP on the shelves of our customers now!"

Barbara Davidson, CEO of Embroidery for You STL: "Excellent customer service and they always have unique suggestions."